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The Top Benefits of Using an SSL Certificate

An SSL certificate is one that brings about a lot of benefits to website owners, users, and the servers. Most of the top hosting companies provide you with SSL certificates to protect you and your users from malicious attacks, intrusion, hacking, phishing, and so much more.
But, what exactly are the benefits of using an SSL certificate? Read until the end to find out what they are.

What is an SSL Certificate?

Before I begin, I want to first discuss what an SSL certificate is. Basically, for website owners, this serves as your protection mechanism against hacking, DDoS Attacks, intrusion, and many more. For users, this will serve to give you peace of mind, especially if you are inputting your personal information on an SSL encrypted website.


1. It Protects Your Data

The main function of an SSL certificate is to give you data protection. Whenever you are given an SSL certificate, any data that goes to and from your website will be encrypted which means that even if hackers are able to get into your website, they will not get anything since all of the information is encrypted.

Only the webmaster (or website owner), the users, and the server that bridges both parties can see and use the information and no one else.

2. It Improves Your Page Ranking

Google and other search engines are always improving their algorithms in favor of websites that make sure that their data is always secured. This means that any website that makes use of SSL certification will always be rewarded with higher page ranks.Therefore, any effective SEO strategy would always include getting an SSL certificate to further improve your ranking on the internet.

3. It Helps Bolster Consumer Trust

If you are running an e-commerce website, for example, you should compel your users to create an account and give their credit card information to make the checkout process more seamless than ever before.

However, some people are reluctant to give their sensitive information, especially if they do not find any SSL certification on your website.

As mentioned earlier, one of the major benefits of having an SSL certificate on your website is that it helps improve customer trust. That is because by encrypting data on your website, hackers will be unable to get their real information, thus providing your customers with peace of mind and confidence.

4. It Helps with User Authentication

There are so many fake and scummy websites out there and people who are not aware of the uses of SSL certification are doomed to get duped. You do not want to dupe your customers because they are essentially the ones that will help you generate some income (assuming that you are running a business website).

That being said, getting an SSL certificate just makes sense because one of its main features is to help with user authentication. In addition, before a website can even get certified, the owner will have to pass a gamut of different authentication tests to ensure that they are the real deal.

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