Betting Guide

Betting Guide

WIN – Bet a pony to WIN.

PLACE – Bet a pony to complete FIRST, SECOND or THIRD.

EACH WAY – Combines a Win and Place wager. You gather the Win and Place payouts if the pony wager on completes FIRST. You get the Place payout if the pony completes SECOND or THIRD.

A similar sum is constantly wagered for the Win and the Place. Model: An Eachway wager taken multiple times is an R3 Win and R3 Place = R6.

SWINGER – An extraordinary wager! Pick two ponies in a race and couple them in a Swinger. You win if the two ponies picked fill 2 of the initial three places. There are three winning blends:

first and second (or second and first);

first and third (or third and first);

Second and third (or third and second).

No payout is third and third if dead-heat for THIRD

EXACTA – Bet on the ponies to complete FIRST and SECOND in the specific request. Wager 3 distinct ways:

Single: Choose one pony for FIRST and one pony for the SECOND.

Perm: Choose any number of ponies for FIRST and for the SECOND.

Box: Choose at least two ponies. You gather if the ponies picked incorporate the FIRST and SECOND finishers.

TWOFOLD – Choose the victors of the two successive races that contain the Double (the first of the two races in a Double is named Leg 1; the second is Leg 2). A Double can be taken on every single back to back race – for example, Races 1 and 2; 2 and 3; 3 and 4 and so on.

TRIFECTA – Bet on the ponies to complete FIRST, SECOND, and THIRD in the specific request.

GROUP OF FOUR – Bet on the ponies to complete FIRST, SECOND, THIRD, and FOURTH in the specific request.

There are four unique approaches to wager the Trifecta and Quartet: Single, Multi, Float (Rove), and Box.

A famous Trifecta alternative is Multi, picking one pony for FIRST with at least three different ponies for SECOND and THIRD.

Cost of online sports betting one pony for FIRST with:

Three different ponies for SECOND and same three ponies for THIRD: R6

Four different ponies for SECOND and same four ponies for THIRD: R12

Five different ponies for SECOND and same five ponies for THIRD: R20

PICK 6 – Choose the victors of each of the six races that contain the Pick 6 (Legs 1 to 6), and you can win a fortune! One pony or more can be picked in every one of the six races.

JACKPOT – Choose the champs of each of the four races that include the Jackpot (Legs 1 to 4). One pony or more can be picked in every one of the four races.

PLACE ACCUMULATOR – Choose a pony, or ponies, to complete FIRST, SECOND or THIRD in every one of the seven races that contain the Place Accumulator (Legs 1 to 7). You can win the wager commonly.


You pick one pony in every one of Legs 1 to 4 and two ponies in every one of Legs 5, 6, and 7. In the event that all decisions finish in the initial 3, the payout is won multiple times (1x1x1x1x2x2x2 = 8).

ALL TO COME BET – Choose 1horse in every one of 2 to 6 races to win or run a place. All races chosen must be at a similar race meeting. The base sum you can wager is R6.

COMPUTE THE COST – PICK 6, JACKPOT, and PLACE ACCUMULATOR Multiply out the all-out a number of decisions made for every leg. Model: In a Jackpot, you pick four ponies in Leg 1; three ponies in Leg 2; one pony in Leg 3; two ponies in Leg 4. This is 24 mixes x R1 each (4x3x1x2) = R24.

Fragmentary betting can be utilized to lessen the expense of all Trifecta, Quartet, Pick 6, Jackpot, and Place Accumulator wagers. In the Jackpot model over, the Jackpot can be played for R12 (half or half of everything). In the event that you win, you gather a large portion of the payout.